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BOW sets the standard in Robotics, lowering the barrier to entry for roboticists at all levels. Build software agnostically for Any Robot in Any Language on any Operating System with the BOW Platform.
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For All Robotics

Our software handles all the complexities around robot actuators, motor control, sensors and features.

Objective based positioning with inverse kinematics calculations and collision avoidance automatically solved on the fly regardless of the joint configuration.

Get up and running with any Robot - sim or real - in minutes.

Build in your preferred programming language and OS

Choose from C# and NET, JavaScript, C++ or Python, all running on Windows, Linux or Mac.

Leverage Advanced
Robotic Control

Experience seamless multi-robot control and VR teleoperation with universal commands. Our platform optimizes real-world robot simulations, ensuring maintainable, reusable control algorithms. Seamlessly connect robotics with AI and the cloud, supported by a robust community ecosystem.

Run on Real-World Robots

Switch to Real Life in one click. Easily maintain and optimise your robotics solution in code and deploy in seconds. Ultra low latency with patented WebRTC approach.

Simulate in Real Time

See your Robotics solution come to life in a simulator packaged with the BOW SDK. Use the same code for all robots, and chop and change simulated hardware to solve any challenge.

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BOW is for all Robotics, and that means anybody who wants to build, experiment and create innovative solutions on any robot. From robot arms to rovers to humanoids, with BOW there’s no limit to what can be achieved.

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See how BOW can control robots universally. We’ll take you through the essential features and benefits of BOW. Book a call with us to see the SDK in action.

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Case Studies

Sarcomere Dynamics Collaboration with BOW

Sarcomere Dynamics Collaboration with BOW

Sarcomere Dynamics Collaboration with BOW We had a complex integration problem to solve for a major technology demonstration. The BOW…