Enhancing Academic Research with BOW​

At BOW, we deeply understand the pivotal role that robotics plays in academic research. The exploration and development of robotics within academia can often be hampered by the intricacies of programming and the high costs of integrating diverse robotic systems. BOW is committed to removing these barriers, offering an innovative solution that streamlines robotics research and facilitates groundbreaking discoveries.​

Revolutionising Robotics in Academia​

Our Software Development Kit (SDK) is designed to simplify the robotics integration process for academic institutions and its students. By providing a universal control platform for robots, BOW ensures that projects can progress smoothly from theoretical research to practical application, without the traditional hurdles.

Foster Learning and Innovation

Universal API

BOW's SDK brings a robot-agnostic API to the academic field, drastically reducing the complexity associated with developing software for various robots. This enables students and researchers to focus on innovation and learning, rather than getting bogged down by the technicalities of specific robot programming.

Rapid Prototyping and Research

With BOW, transitioning across different robot models or types for various research projects is seamless. Our platform facilitates compatibility and scalability, allowing for quick iterations and faster progress in research endeavours.

Reduce Barriers
to Entry

Lower Development Expenses

The need for specialised knowledge for each type of robot is eliminated with BOW, broadening the pool of students and researchers who can engage in robotics projects. This democratisation reduces both the cost and time required for developing new robotic applications within academia.

Enhanced Educational Value

By minimising the learning curve associated with new robot integrations, BOW allows educators to more effectively incorporate robotics into their curriculum, enhancing the educational value and experience for students.

Expand Research Opportunities

Increased Accessibility

BOW's straightforward programming and deployment process opens up robotics to a wider range of academic disciplines, encouraging interdisciplinary research and collaboration.

Safety and Reliability

The clarity and simplicity of BOW's programming model not only make it accessible but also ensure the safety and reliability of robotic solutions in academic settings. This is crucial for conducting responsible and ethical research.

Building the Future of Robotics Education and Research

Empower Educators and Researchers

BOW enables academic institutions to push the boundaries of what's possible in robotics, facilitating the exploration of new theories, applications, and innovations.

Cultivate a Skilled Workforce

By making robotics more accessible, BOW helps in cultivating a new generation of skilled robotics engineers and researchers, equipped with the knowledge and tools to tackle future challenges.

Are you ready to transform the way robotics is taught and researched in your academic institution? Contact BOW today to learn more about our SDK and how it can benefit your students, educators, and researchers.