Sarcomere Dynamics Collaboration with BOW

Sarcomere Dynamics Collaboration with BOW

We had a complex integration problem to solve for a major technology demonstration. The BOW team worked tirelessly with our engineers, allowing us to deliver on a tight timeline. In addition to the dedication and commitment of the BOW team, we are impressed with their software which shortened the integration time from months to under one week. We look forward to collaborating with BOW on more challenging projects in the tele-operations market.

Harpal J.S. Mandaher, CEO
Sarcomere Dynamics Inc.


Sarcomere Dynamics specialises in creating high dexterity robotic hands (manipulators) for the automation of general-purpose tasks. Seeking to demonstrate the full capability of their product in tele-operations use cases, they approached BOW, known for its robust robotics software platform, for collaboration.


The project aimed to build a custom robot integrating Sarcomere Dynamics’ hands and other hardware components, with BOW’s software, demonstrating how a complex robotic system can be programmed for precision and versatility. The primary challenge was ensuring seamless functionality of the assembled robot, made from parts sourced from different manufacturers, and enabling it to perform detailed tasks, without requiring months of software development.


BOW’s team engineered a solution by attaching two Universal Robots (UR) arms with Sarcomere hands and various other hardware components, addressing both mechanical and electrical integrations. BOW’s software enabled all components to operate as a singular unit, despite their disparate origins. 


Unlike conventional programming methods, BOW’s software helped achieve integration within a week, showcasing efficiency in facilitating rapid development. The finalised setup allowed for easy remote operation of a bi-manual robotic system. The Sarcomere team conducted live demonstrations of the tele-operations system at the World Nuclear Exhibition (WNE 2024), Paris, via a VR headset. Over 750 km between the operator and the robotic system, the demonstrations worked flawlessly for the duration of WNE, in real time. 

The collaboration highlighted the robot’s ability to perform tasks requiring fine motor skills, controlled remotely through BOW’s platform. The quick turnaround from concept to operation illustrated BOW’s effective approach to robotics software development, enabling fast deployment of sophisticated robotic solutions. Sarcomere Dynamics has since become an OEM partner with BOW, exploring ways to incorporate BOW’s software in their offerings for tele-operations system, enhancing their robots’ capabilities where near-human functionality is a key requirement. 


The project with Sarcomere Dynamics underscores the potential of integrating advanced robotic components with BOW’s software to achieve high levels of precision and control. This partnership not only proved the concept but also opened new possibilities for the use of robotics in applications where dexterity and remote operation are critical. It reflects the shared commitment of both companies to push the boundaries of what’s possible in robotics, paving the way for future innovations.