Universal Robotics Software Company BOW Selected by Compsoft Creative for new Apple Vision Pro Robotics App

BOW, the universal robotics software company that makes programming robots code-agnostic, interoperable and scalable, will today demonstrate a novel Apple Vision Pro application with their partner – award-winning digital product developers Compsoft Creative. The demonstration will take place at the Manufacturing Technology Centre’s (MTC) event: Robotics and Automation: For a Sustainable Future (Coventry, 14-15 May).

The industrial robotics industry is forecast to more than double within the next six years from $40.6 billion in 2024 to $90.3 billion in 2030. While investment into robotics is rapidly growing (some 1,500 robotics companies around the world have raised approximately $90 billion in the last five years), application development and the productisation of robotics is nevertheless currently being hampered by a number of deployment challenges, namely: the lack of programming interoperability between different makes and models of robot; the challenges of simulating applications across different robots and the limited pool of specialist roboticist programmers. 

Originally spun-out in 2020 from research in computational intelligence and robotics, BOW (which stands for Bettering our Worlds) offers a software platform that removes the main bottlenecks to robotics deployment and scale. The BOW platform allows any software developer to create and simulate applications for any robot, in any programming language and on any operating system.   

At the Manufacturing Technology Centre’s event: Robotics and Automation: For a Sustainable Future (14-15 May), Compsoft Creative and BOW will demonstrate a custom robotics application developed for use with Apple Vision Pro. The app was developed by Compsoft Creative, leveraging BOW’s Digital Twin capability and universal robotics software platform. The app uses spatial computing to show live operation and simulation of a robotic industrial arm, enabling real-time remote control. Potential robotics use-cases for this app include healthcare, hospitality, retail, industrial and hazardous environments.

The BOW platform is designed from first principles to be code-agnostic, opening up robotics application development to any software developer – not just roboticists. With BOW, software developers can easily program any robot in their preferred language and OS – including .NET, C++, Python and running on Windows or Linux. 

Programmers can simulate their robotics solution in real-time using BOW’s ground-breaking simulator SDK, producing reusable control algorithms that can be easily applied to any number of different robots – solving the challenges of interoperability and scalability that are currently hampering the robotics market. 

Daniel Payne, CEO of Compsoft Creative said, “Compsoft Creative’s technical and UX experts have developed a custom Apple Vision Pro app which offers a spectrum of innovative mixed reality and fully immersive experiences into which users can place their own content and narratives. The app blends a spatial computing experience with robot remote control and – in partnership with our robotics software partner BOW – Digital Twin capabilities.

Nick Thompson, CEO of BOW said, “For robotics to achieve its full potential and usher in a new golden age for humanity, the current complexity of programming and deploying robots must be solved. BOW is a universal robotics software platform that allows anyone with software development skills to quickly and easily program robots in their chosen language and operating system, democratising development and making robotics interoperable for the first time. Our innovative partnership with Compsoft Creative demonstrates the novel applications that can be addressed using the BOW platform, in this case leveraging Apple Vision Pro’s spatial computing experience to enable remote control of robots for industries as diverse as healthcare, retail, hospitality and manufacturing.”

Compsoft Creative and BOW will be demonstrating at Robotics and Automation: For a Sustainable Future (14-15 May) at the Manufacturing Technology Centre in Leicester, England.