XR and AI Agencies

Empowering XR and AI Agencies with BOW and Unity

At the crossroads of Extended Reality (XR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the versatile capabilities of Unity, BOW stands as a pioneering platform facilitating the seamless fusion of these technologies. Designed for XR agencies and software developers, BOW's SDK is inherently compatible with Unity, enabling teleoperation capabilities and the integration of AR & VR with the tangible world. This collaboration provides developers with the tools to manifest AI through robotics in real-world applications, embodying immersive experiences that bridge the virtual and the physical.

XR Experiences with Robotics and Unity

Bridge the Digital Divide

Leverage the combined power of BOW's SDK and Unity to transcend traditional XR boundaries. This powerful alliance enables XR agencies to extend user interactions from virtual environments into the physical world through AR and VR. By integrating our robotics control platform with Unity, developers can create immersive experiences that blur the lines between the virtual and the real, enhancing the narrative and interactivity of XR applications.

Teleoperation and Beyond

Utilising BOW's teleoperation features within Unity, developers can design interactive experiences that project the user's influence from the virtual domain into the physical realm. From the remote manipulation of objects to real-time control of robotics within an XR environment, BOW and Unity equip developers with the tools to explore novel applications and services, pushing the envelope of what's possible in interactive technology.

Enhanced Interactivity

Dynamic Integration

Seamlessly merge AI-driven robotics with XR environments created in Unity, producing interactive experiences that intelligently adapt to user inputs and environmental data.

Real-World Interaction

Empower users to perform tangible actions in the real world through Unity's immersive interfaces, enriched by BOW's precise robotics control, elevating XR applications to unprecedented levels of engagement and utility.

Expanded Creative Horizons

Innovative Applications

The synergy of Unity and BOW's SDK opens new frontiers in entertainment, education, healthcare, and more, enabling the creative incorporation of physical elements into digital experiences. This collaboration broadens the horizon for innovation, allowing for the development of groundbreaking applications.

Customisable Solutions

Tailor your XR projects to meet diverse creative visions and technical requirements with BOW's flexible platform and Unity's comprehensive development environment. Our SDK's compatibility with a wide range of robotics hardware, combined with Unity's extensive ecosystem, invites boundless opportunities for innovation.

Streamlined Development Process

Rapid Prototyping

Accelerate the development and iteration of your XR and robotics concepts with BOW's intuitive SDK and Unity's robust simulation tools.

Accessible Technology

The integration of BOW with Unity simplifies the incorporation of advanced robotics into XR projects, allowing developers to concentrate on creativity and user experience. This collaboration offers an accessible entry point into robotics programming, supported by Unity's user-friendly platform and rich documentation.

Envision the Future with BOW and Unity

Imagine interactive museum exhibits where visitors control robotic installations through VR headsets, educational applications that combine AR with robotics to demystify complex subjects, or immersive training simulations for medical and industrial applications. With BOW and Unity, these visions become attainable, setting the stage for a new era of interactive and immersive experiences.

Elevate your XR and AI projects with the integrated capabilities of BOW and Unity. Reach out today to discover how our SDK can revolutionise your development process and set your agency apart in the competitive landscape of AI & XR development. Let's collaborate to create immersive experiences that seamlessly blend the digital with the physical, shaping the future of interactive technology.