Olly Cooper

Olly Cooper

Case Study: ANA Avatar XPRIZE Award

Introduction The XPRIZE results are an incredible testament to the power of BOW software. We were up against some very strong teams in the semi-final, but the result is a validation of our approach and our technology. This is also…

Unveiling Next-Gen Robotics with ChatGPT Integration

Unveiling Next-Gen Robotics with ChatGPT Integration May 2024 We hosted a webinar unveiling our next-gen robotics SDK, which revolutionises robotic control by seamlessly integrating with ChatGPT to manage multiple robots using a single codebase. In this session, we not only…

Seamless Simulated and Real Robot Control

Seamless Simulated and Real Robot Control November 2023 In this webinar, we showcase the capabilities and components of the BOW SDK. You’ll learn how to effortlessly set up a simulation with the BOW Hub, program robots, and seamlessly switch the…

Universal Robotics Software Company BOW Selected by Compsoft Creative for new Apple Vision Pro Robotics App

BOW, the universal robotics software company that makes programming robots code-agnostic, interoperable and scalable, will today demonstrate a novel Apple Vision Pro application with their partner - award-winning digital product developers Compsoft Creative. The demonstration will take place at the Manufacturing Technology Centre’s (MTC) event: Robotics and Automation: For a Sustainable Future (Coventry, 14-15 May).